Everything you need to know about registering an existing Campus Clubs.

For registering your Club, it should meet the following:

  • Established: For the meantime we want to focus on learning how we can support the groups who are already around. We love that you want to start a new group but we’ll ask that you get started first, then register with Mozilla.
  • Hold Regular Meetings: They can be in-person or virtual, but we want to support groups that have a regular cadence of getting together to coordinate, plan, and work.
  • Contribute to Mozilla: Obviously! You need to make regular contributions to projects that support Mozilla’s mission, whether it be localizing, coding, answering support questions, throwing events, or participating in campaigns.
  • Have at Least 3 Members: Hanging out with a few friends is great but in order to be registered Campus Clubs must have an active set of contributors 3+ members.
  • Are Open and Welcoming: Mozilla and it’s official groups welcome everyone who shares Mozilla’s goals and wants to contribute in a healthy and constructive manner to participate. Groups cannot restrict membership.
  • Follow the CPG; The heart of Mozilla is people as such we require all groups who participated to agree to adhere and uphold to the Community Participation Guidelines (CPG).
  • If you currently don't run a Club and you want to start one, please check the relevant information into our FAQ

    • You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully registered your club and inviting you to go through all the available resources.
    • Explore our activities, find one that your club members will like, run it and share the result with us!
    • Submit your Club's monthly report so that we can celebrate your great work!
    • Invite your Club members to join our online community for connecting with Clubs from around the world.
    • Explore, use and share with your club members all the available resources and activities. Do you have an idea for a new activity or resource that you need? Reach out to us at campusclubs AT mozilla dot com