This 2018, we are implementing a seasonal application for the clubs. It will happen in the months of February, June-July, and Sept-October.

You can apply to start a club in your Campus by checking the Get Started page. As the Club Captain you have to fill the application form and it is highly advisable to have three executives who will help you to initialize/sustain the Club, identify the Club’s focus areas and help plan the future activities.

No, the Mozilla Campus Clubs program is not shutting down, it will continue to be supported and staffed by the Mozilla Corporation. Local groups with a passion for technology who want to work together to build the open web on university and college campuses are invited to register and participate through the campus clubs program.

Campus Clubs exist on University campuses with a focus on technology and Open Source and engage only students from the campus. Whereas, the Mozilla Clubs existed outside campuses with a focus on reading, writing, and participating on the web.

Mozilla Foundation recently announced ending its support of Mozilla Clubs (non-Campus). You can find the announcement with more information in this link.

This announcement does not affect any Mozilla Campus Clubs.

Thank you for applying! We have received your application and we invite you to go through the two following necessary steps in order to get your Club active and officially recognized:

  1. Enroll and complete the Orientation for Campus Club Leaders
  2. Follow the prompt to complete and submit your Year Plan
  3. As soon as you submit a year plan you will receive a confirmation email for being officially registered with us as a Club Captain!

If you have a question about the status of your application or your progress, please email campusclubs AT mozilla DOT com.

A Community Expert will help you establish an awesome club by providing you guidance, support and help you set your Club’s goals for the rest of the year. In the Resources page in the website you can find all the relevant information on how to setup and successfully run your club. Going through the available Resources will help you have a faster, meaningful, productive and more fun on-boarding process. After you successfully complete the onboarding process you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect with the Community Experts.

In order for a Club to be recognized as an official Mozilla Campus Club, the Club Captain should meet the requirements listed in the role description document</li> and the Club must demonstrate three months of regular activity, by running activities and submitting reports on a regular basis.

You can run any of the activities listed here. Each activity is designed and tailored to our program’s goal which is to help students get more skills in an effort of contributing to open source projects.

The primary focus of the program is to help students get more skills in an effort of contributing to Open Source projects. It is not an Ambassador program where swag and budget are keys to the program’s success. Instead we offer training and activities which will help students get more skills and work on cutting edge technologies. Budget and swag are not available through the Mozilla Campus Clubs program yet since we are still exploring how Clubs can use them as a tool for advancing our mission in an effort of contributing back to Open Source projects.

You may get in touch with a Mozilla Rep near you to assist you with resources.

You can have only one Mozilla Campus Club per Campus. Having more than one Mozilla Campus Clubs in the same campus will lead to competition for members and resources. If there is such conflict in your campus, please report by sending an email to campusclubs [at] mozilla [dot] com.

Part of the definition of a club is that they meet regularly in person. While some activities will definitely be virtual, in order to be recognized as a Mozilla Club they need to be primarily based in the physical world.

CAC members are supporting and enabling Community Experts for better supporting Campus Clubs in their regions.