Campus Clubs

Local groups of students with a passion for technology working together to build the open web on University and College campuses worldwide.


What a Club can do: Build a virtual version of your reality

Get your club together to build your own Virtual Reality experience with A-frame, in less than an hour.

Find out how your club can start building open source VR on the web ->

Mozilla Clubs

What is a Mozilla Campus Club?

Mozilla’s mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. A Mozilla University & College Club is a group of students with a passion for technology who meet regularly to advance this mission by building and innovating on open source projects that keep the web open.


How Can I Get Involved?

To get involved, simply apply to register your existing Open Source/Tech Campus Club or start a new Club at your school!

Check to see if your school has a Campus Club.

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